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A portfolio of my web publishing efforts.

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I've been writing web code since mid 1996, just a couple of months after arriving on the internet. In the other situations I've found myself in, I was never satisfied just being an observer. I wanted to rise closer to the top of the heap, and be a producer. So I taught myself html and put up a little site on the space provided by my ISP. I haven't looked back since.

Most of my work is for friends. I wasn't too interested in looking for new projects in the past, but now I have the time to work on new website assignments.

Although my websites are up to 500 pages in size, I prefer to work on the smaller websites that people need. Many of the full time web designers aren't interested in small, one time jobs. I, on the other hand can work with small projects easily and efficiently.

I can handle all aspects of getting your website up and running, from the domain registration to building your website to placing it on a hosting site. I can process your graphics and enhance your site with search engine optimization (SEO).

I now code by hand in HTML5, the latest and greatest in web languages. I keep the code simple so as not to confuse older browsers. I test the code in 5 browsers plus on my iPad to insure proper page rendering.

I only accept assignments that I am comfortable that I can fulfill in a timely and accurate manner. If I don't feel that I am the right person for the job, I'm willing to step aside. I work on a fee per hour basis.

Want to discuss your website needs? Please e-mail me at: dhmr@makearadio.com.

Sites that I own
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schmarder.com This is the first domain name that I owned. Before this, my websites were on space provided by my ISP. 5MB space doesn't go very far, so I got my own dot com identity and purchased web hosting space. Setting up my own domain on an inexpensive webhost taught me how to begin a website. Most of this website was rebuilt in 2010 with html5 and css3 code. Some parts are legacy that my nephew added back when he was in high school.

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makearadio.com This is my premier, easy to navigate website about homemade crystal and tube radios. It is meant as an instructional website to help people, young and old to get ideas on building a radio of their own. This site has over 500 pages including foreign language translations. I spend the most time here. I use ads to support the costs and pay me for my work.

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ichweissnicht.com Everyone has to have a place where they can let their hair down and chill. This is my place. There is a lot of nonsense here, but mainly has banner graphic signs with mostly funny sayings I've heard or made up over the years. Also on this site is a few product reviews, as well as a html5 DIY homepage menu template.

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theradioboard.com This is a forum website for my fellow radio builders. I am the site admin and moderator. The forum was easy to set up from the webhost, but requires a lot of maintenance. The main effort was finding a way to keep the automatic spammers from gaining access to the forum. I found a method described on another forum and was able to edit the files to make it work. Also on this site are some pages for a radio receiving contest that is held every summer.

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n2ds.com Here is my ham radio website. I also have a picture history of my former workplace, Corning Electronics Inc. Further additions will be added later, including descriptions of my ham radio station and activities

Sites For Others
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brassbindingposts.com I met Jon after he bought a crystal set from me. He sent me some of his brass binding posts to put on a future project. I was very impressed with these and I offered him a website to show the rest of the world what he makes.

Jon tells me that he has had reasonably good success selling his binding posts. I hear from him once a year or so as the site runs itself.

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crystalradio.us is a website that I originally rebuilt in 2007. But as you can guess, the site was showing it's age and in early 2012 received a complete rebuilt. The site has about 90 pages with a single style sheet. This hobby crystal radio site has drop down menus at the top of each page to increase the page to page direct links.

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peeblesoriginals.com I've known Mike for several years when I offered to rebuild his website. I was able to work in his older content with a new catalog. This was the first website that I reworked from someone else's code. Mike's site is easy to navigate, just as the rest of the sites that I have written. Mike often forwards e-mails from his customers when they praise how nice the site looks and operated. Makes me happy that the site owner as well as his customers have enjoyable experiences on a project I put a lot of time in to.

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townofcatlin.com While talking with a member of the local town government, she mentioned that the town was considering having a website built. They received a quote of $5000 to do their website. I am not an expert, but I thought that this was a lot of money for a town with only 2500 people. I offered to do a one page website for free. Later, if they want a larger site, they can hire me or anyone that they wish.

I do like the idea of giving a little community service now and again.

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kipgen.com Here is a friend that I met several years ago. He is a master craftsman in wood and metal. He started building radios, and I built a website to show everyone his creations.

I first built this site in 2006, but it's age was showing, so in 2011, I gave it a face lift. Tom still writes me telling how much he likes the new site.

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wynterarchtops.com Before Tom Kipgen was building radios, he was constructing high quality guitars. This website was updated in 2010. I am quite proud of the front page top graphics and the overall looks of this site. It fits what Tom is selling.

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jsementill.com My dentist wanted a small website as his place on the internet. I built this one page website for him.

I did the map work for the site with my screen capture to Google Maps. The doctor picked a special text font for this project.

UK Sites
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beltanedesigns.co.uk This is an interesting project that I accepted to help my friend Geoff in Birmingham, Midlands. Up to then most of my sites pertained to electronics or radio. But selling Celtic art items and leathercrafts required a different way of designing websites. This was a bit difficult but challenging.

This website was rebuilt in 2011 to bring it up to modern html5 standards.

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crystalreceiver.co.uk Like myself, Geoff also enjoys building crystal radio projects. That is how we met. This website lets him show off what he has built. The site was partially rebuilt in 2011, leaving the parts catalog section as original but concentrating on displaying his radio projects in the best way. This careful new/old integration helped keep his costs low.

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crystalradioclub.co.uk The domain name pretty much tells what is involved here. This website got a complete rebuild in 2011. This website is in active updates still as the membership in Geoff's club is increasing. This is another one of those fun projects.

Those are pretty much all of my presently operating websites. There have been some other sites in the past, but they are no longer active. Building websites is mostly a hobby for me and I enjoy doing them very much. In the past I was involved in paper based publications. It was an easy move into the electronic media.